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Maximize ROI. In real time.

Campanja’s next-generation Bid Management Solutions radically improve return on your advertising spend.


Leveraging the true cost and value to buy the right clicks, at the right price, and at the right time.

Real Time Value Tracking

Combined with API’s from your back-end business systems, our Real-Time Tracking solution identifies all site events pertaining to customer interactions to measure the exact value of each click.

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High Frequency Bidding

Using granular keyword values and incorporating intra-day conversion rate changes, our High-Frequency Bidding engine bids continuously throughout the day to maximize volume and efficiency.

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Global organizations rely on Campanja’s real-time solutions to radically improve return on advertising spend across search and display. Continually striving for real results in competitive marketplaces, we work with international clients, in a variety of verticals, who share a common passion to be market leaders in their respective industries.


Campanja is a technology driven company backed by noteworthy investors such as Google board member and founding investor, Ram Shriram and MySQL founder, David Axmark. Trusted by global organizations, we are redefining paid search and display with a powerful combination of technical and business expertise. Using advanced technologies such as Real Time Tracking, Predictive Modelling and High Frequency Bidding we harness the true potential of online advertising to deliver great results to our clients.

David Axmark, Founder of MySQL

Ram Shriram, Board member at Google